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What You Need to Know About Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells

If you are in the business of treating, storing and furnishing drinking water, you will want to be familiar with the concept of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells to determine whether your utility should consider their use.  So, what are they and why should a utility consider an ASR well? The concept is simple; […]

Interns Make the Most of Their Summer at FOX Engineering, and We’re Not Sure Who Reaped the Greater Rewards – the Interns or FOX

Ames, Iowa At FOX, we take it seriously when an intern chooses to work with us. Their time with us is not spent on menial tasks; we want to see what they’re made of and give them every opportunity to share their strengths. This summer, we had the great pleasure of getting to know four […]

Replacing an Old Friend: A Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Study

Clarinda, Iowa This plant has provided treatment for Clarinda for over 50 years. It is a trickling filter plant, so it has no nutrient removal capacity. In addition, the new NPDES permit requires disinfection. Several old buildings no longer meet the National Electric Code and will be rehabilitated or replaced. Parts of the plant have […]

Boone Wastewater Treatment Plant Staff Take a Proactive Approach to Disinfection Requirements

Time for project research and innovation was made possible through the city’s proactive approach to project planning.  The city is well ahead of schedule in meeting their future E. coli limits and is doing their due diligence to make sure the best approach is pursued for project success. Staff from the city and FOX collaborated […]

Dale A. Watson, P.E., Ph.D., BCEE, Inducted into the George Warren Fuller Award Society

FOX Engineering is pleased to announce that Dale Watson, P.E., Ph.D., BCEE, has been inducted into the George Warren Fuller Award Society of the American Water Works Association. Induction took place on June 12, 2019 at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Watson’s induction into the Society follows […]

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