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Marshalltown Water Works Water Treatment Plant

A founding partner of FOX Engineering, Dave Fox was responsible for the 1977 design and construction of the original 10 million-gallon-day (MGD) water treatment plant in Marshalltown. In 1997 water demands were increasing rapidly; production at the lime softening plant was approaching capacity, and many components needed to be replaced or upgraded. Major improvements in […]

Ames Water Treatment Plant

Challenge: The city of Ames began municipal water service to its residents in 1891; the first treatment efforts followed in 1924. Treatment processes evolved from simple iron removal to more sophisticated lime softening and disinfection, always with a focus on providing the best quality water possible to its customers. The most recent plant expansion occurred […]

Ames Water Treatment Plant – Utilities

Over the past few decades, Ames Water and Pollution Control has chosen FOX Engineering as design engineer for various well and water system improvements. Design for the new 15 MGD water treatment plant, along with site planning, stormwater management, and utility installation, are the most recent improvements. The plant was completed in August 2017. On […]

Ames Water Treatment Plant – Site Development and Stormwater Management

FOX began the planning phase for the Ames Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in 2008. An analysis of the city’s facilities showed that a new, larger facility was needed to meet future water demands. For the new site, Ames selected a 43-acre property that would make use of existing infrastructure. Improvements were made to approximately 19 […]

Ames Water Treatment Plant – Construction

Seasonal water demands threatened to exceed the City’s treatment capacity, and it was becoming more difficult to maintain the aging facilities, some of which had been in service since the 1920s. In addition, increasingly stringent Federal and State drinking water regulations required expanded resource commitments to ensure compliance. The initial needs assessment enabled the FOX […]

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