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North Liberty Biosolids Improvements

Phase II Wastewater Treatment Plant The wastewater treatment plant in North Liberty, Iowa, is undergoing the Phase II expansion to increase treatment capacity for a projected population of approximately 27,000. Part of Phase II includes improvements to the biosolids handling facilities. Facility planning in 2012 evaluated liquid storage vs. dewatering. To reduce solids handling costs […]

The Next Chapter On Nutrients: You can trade that?

This article authored by Jennifer Ruddy, P.E., appeared in the May 2017 issue of the Iowa League of Cities publication, Cityscape.  What are nutrients, and why are nutrients important to my city? Nutrients are essential to sustain all life forms and are the focus of our discussion today. Of interest to cities are two nutrients contained […]

Evaluation of High pH Infiltration Water and Recycled Bedding Material

ABSTRACT for presentation to the Water Environment Federation: Collection Systems Conference 2017 This evaluation was meant to determine the cause and source of high pH (alkaline) wastewater in the CBI Southlands sanitary sewer in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This newly installed sanitary filled with a high pH wastewater and its first discharge to the city wastewater […]

Update on Rule Status of the Copper Biotic Ligand Model

The Iowa Environmental Protection Commission approved changes to the rule that would allow POTWs to utilize the Copper Biotic Ligand Model (BLM) to establish site-specific water quality limits for copper. Status of the rule? It is under review at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Once approved by EPA, this method is expected to allow […]

Disinfection of Unequalized SBR Effluent Using Non-Contact UV

Grundy Center, IA operates a two-tank sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system. Their renewed permit, issued February 1, 2014, included a new requirement for disinfection. Grundy Center hired FOX Engineering to provide engineering and construction services for their disinfection project. The plant has a permitted average wet weather flow of 1.2 MGD and maximum wet weather […]

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