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Marshalltown, IA

Biogas Generator Replacement 2016

One of the city’s two biogas engine-generators permanently failed. It was 40 years old and would require more money to fix than it was worth ($1/4M). Sizing a new engine-generator had very little to do with the parameters of the existing engine-generator. The Performance Edge Project reduced the city’s need for capacity.


Conversion to River Discharge

An amino acids plant producing animal feed supplements desired to convert from a pretreatment facility to a direct discharger. The pretreatment plant was a plug flow activated sludge plant consisting of equalization, a three-zone aeration basin, a post aeration anoxic zone, a re-aeration basin, and a final clarifier prior to discharging to a neighboring wastewater treatment plant.


Dissolved Air Flotation Improvements

This pork slaughterhouse facility had a 35-foot diameter dissolved air flotation thickener and an 11’ x 52’ rectangular DAF unit for wastewater pretreatment. FOX was hired to review the DAF performance and recommend improvements.

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April 18, 2017

61st Great Plains Waste Management Conference

May 21, 2017

Collection Systems Conference 2017